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The undercover lover’s interracial sex adventures – Supermarket sweep

The Undercover Lover is the home of Sensi, a well-hung British black dude who loves fucking (mainly) white chicks behind their husband’s or boyfriend’s back. Luckily for us, Sensi’s buddy, Trash, films all of the hardcore interracial action for us to check out.
Sensi takes a bet he can’t pick up a lonely hotwife at the supermarket. After 15 minutes he emerges with Wendy and shopping in hand to take her home before Hubby comes to collect her.
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Babes with tight pussy have fun with giant black cocks – Alexis Silver

It’s A Big Black Thing, and it’s cumming for you… and all the tight little honies it can get its monster Mandingo hands on! And of course, its hands aren’t the only thing monstrous! That’s right: get yourself on over to It’s A Big Black Thing, and you’ll see these horny sluts get their pretty pussies stretched beyond belief by these giant black dicks today!
John E. Depth is ready to plunder some booty and he’s going to start with Alexis Silver. She’s a proper British bird with a body that’s stacked front and back, but when you put a big, black beefsteak in front of her, she turns into a common slag with an appetite for destruction. The Depth dick has ripped apart plenty of pussies and Alexis didn’t get away with any special treatment. She took long strokes that went so deep in her guts she thought he was trying to throat fuck her through her pussy. He plunders that pussy until he digs out every drop of girl juice and drops a pearl necklace all over her tits and down her throat.

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Fathers watch their white daughters are pounded by black cock – Kensey Knox

By : “It’s 2010 and it seems like interracial relationships aren’t all that risqué anymore, but I still imagine that coming home to find your white pigtailed daughter stuffed full of black cock would be quite the shock. That’s what these angry fathers are forced to endure on the new website Watching My Daughter Go Black. Teen babes who love dark meat are caught red handed, getting it on with their black boyfriends. This is the latest site from the Dog Fart network, which is well known for its amusing and hot hardcore porn, focused on big dicks and slutty chicks.”
My daughter, Kensey Knox, used to be the apple of my eye. Growing up she was denied nothing. When she was 16 she got that pony she always wanted. Now she’s an adult so I decided to get her a car but that wasn’t good enough. Yes, it wasn’t a Merceded but times are tough and thought she’d be appreciative. She ended up confiding in some street thug, Rico, about my errors and I walked in on them as they were about to do things I wish I could forget. She got on her knees very fast (like mother like daughter) and took his black pork in her mouth as I watched in horror. There was absolutely no respect for my feelings as she made sure I was being punished. Speaking of punishment, the same body parts I used to use baby wipes when she was an infant were getting railed by his black dick. It was all over when I was sure I wouldn’t have any black grandchildren as he hosed her face down. He’s lucky I left my gun at the office.

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