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The undercover lover’s interracial sex adventures – Tilly picks up a black guy

The Undercover Lover is the home of Sensi, a well-hung British black dude who loves fucking (mainly) white chicks behind their husband’s or boyfriend’s back. Luckily for us, Sensi’s buddy, Trash, films all of the hardcore interracial action for us to check out.
Tilly Hardy takes a black guy to her flat to fuck when her boyfriend is at work
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Babes with tight pussy have fun with giant black cocks – Madison Luv

It’s A Big Black Thing, and it’s cumming for you… and all the tight little honies it can get its monster Mandingo hands on! And of course, its hands aren’t the only thing monstrous! That’s right: get yourself on over to It’s A Big Black Thing, and you’ll see these horny sluts get their pretty pussies stretched beyond belief by these giant black dicks today!
Not many things in life are sweeter than coming home from a busy day and having a knockout black babe like Madison Luv greeting you by the front door on her knees. If you were having a bad day, all those troubles melt away in her mouth…and if you were having a good day – now yer having a great one! When she sees the size of the dong you brought her, she doesn’t want to suck it long enough to walk up the steps…so the bitch crawls the whole way up on her ass just so that she can keep her face pressed up against your meat! Fucking a girl and having her moan "Owwww!" because it hurts so good isn’t just good for your ego, it’s also good for your soul. Pump out a bitch like Madison dark and deep so she can feel your shaft pressing up against her spine from the inside out and she will do whatever you ask like a loyal little cock craver for the rest of your life.

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Fathers watch their white daughters are pounded by black cock – Faye Runaway

By : “It’s 2010 and it seems like interracial relationships aren’t all that risqué anymore, but I still imagine that coming home to find your white pigtailed daughter stuffed full of black cock would be quite the shock. That’s what these angry fathers are forced to endure on the new website Watching My Daughter Go Black. Teen babes who love dark meat are caught red handed, getting it on with their black boyfriends. This is the latest site from the Dog Fart network, which is well known for its amusing and hot hardcore porn, focused on big dicks and slutty chicks.”
I’ve raised my daughter to be a good girl…or so I thought. Lately it’s been rap music, B.E.T television, and spending her free time with black individuals. The constant fighting has nearly landed me in the hospital due to my heart condition so therapy was the only answer. I took the little brat to Dr. Harvard in hopes that our relationship could be saved. His techniques were odd to say the least and his suggestion was to have me watch her as she had relations with a black man….in front of her dear old dad! I was sweating from head to toe as I saw my little darling doing things that I only envisioned in my worst nightmares. Here I was sitting down and watching as my daughter put his penis in the same mouth I used to spoon feed when she was an infant. I thought the worst was over but he put his black fire hose in my girl’s naughty place as my heartbeat got faster and faster. I didn’t know whether to shit or die but it was soon over once Faye wiped the filth away from her mouth. The worst thing about all of this? Daddy paid the entire bill.

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